Fosfomycin iv

Dosage recommentions in European countries according to currently approved SPCs:

EU country Dosage recommendations Daily dose (average/max)
Austria 1g , 4g, 8g g i.v. 8-16 g/day in 2-3 doses, max dose could be higher 8-16 g/ or higher
Estonia 1g, 4g 4 g every 6-8 hours. 12-16 g
France 1g, 4g 8-12 g daily in 2-3 doses 8-12 g
Germany  2g, 3g, 5g, 8g 6 – 16 g daily in 2-3 divided doses, max 20g daily 6-16 g/20g
Italy 1g 1-2g every 6-8 hours 3-8 g
Spain, 1g, 4g I.m.:  max up to 8 g daily. i.v.: 4 g every 6-8 hours. 3-16 g
Europe (range) 3-16/20g

Fosfomycin SPCs in Europe: All indications possible from mild to severe

PK info in SPCs: High tissue concentrations (based on unreliable whole biopsy assays!)

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  • Jost Winnemöller says:

    Dear Madam and Sir,
    Our company Infectopharm is MA holder of a recently granted UK MA of Fosfomycin iv. In order to complete the survey the a.m. list of dosage recommendations could be amended accordingly.
    PK info in SPC is not exclusively based on whole biopsy assays for UK as stated above. Instead, the high tissue concentration was confirmed by several clinical PK studies conducted via microdialysis method which is an accepted standard.

    For further information, please feel free to contact me.

    Best regards, Dr. Jost Winnemöller (Head of Hospital business, Infectopharm)

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