Conference on revived antibiotics in Vienna, Austria

In the face of increasing antimicrobial resistance and the lack of new agents it has become clear that we need new strategies. One of these must be to revisit old antibiotics to make sure that we are using them correctly and to their full potential as well as to find out if one or several of them can help alleviate the pressure on more recent agents.

The ESCMID Conference on Reviving Old Antibiotics will take place in Vienna, Austria on 22– 24 October 2014. This conference will provide an inspiring environment to share and discuss our old and new knowledge of these recently revived agents. Many of the world’s leading experts and researchers have accepted our invitation to actively participate in the meeting. For each session, invited speakers who are at the forefront of their respective fields will discuss how progress at the bench can be translated into actions in the field and highlight gaps in our knowledge. The last day of the conference is dedicated to an extensive panel discussion with ample opportunity for input from the audience and final recommendations about priority research, how gaps in our knowledge may be filled and what policy changes and which funding actions are needed.

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