ESCMID PK/PD of Anti-Infectives Study Group (EPASG)

As bacterial resistance increases, physicians frequently resort to using old off-patent antibiotics that may be active against some of the multi-drug resistant pathogens. These antibiotics were approved up to 60 years ago. Many of these old drugs were developed in an age prior to the advent of a structured process for drug assessment and predate the establishment of appropriate indications and dosing regimens that optimize efficacy while minimizing the emergence of resistance and toxicity. Naturally, continued use of these drugs without further study carries significant downside consequences for individual patients as well as for emergence of resistance. In general, our knowledge regarding these revived old antibiotics is poor.

This website serves as a knowledge hub of old antibiotics and will be continuously updated as new data become available.

ESCMIDThe European Society for Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID) funded this project that is supported by the ESCMID PK/PD of Anti-Infectives Study Group (EPASG) and the ESCMID Study Group for Antibiotic Policies (ESGAP).

This project is managed by Ursula Theuretzbacher.


  • Prof. Norbert Nowotny says:

    Excellent website – congratulations to Ursula!
    Good luck! Norbert

  • Kurt Naber says:

    Congratulation for this excellent initiative of EPASG.
    Revival of old antibiotics against which bacterial resistance is still low is important more than ever and not contradictory to the urgent need to search for new antibiotics especially with new targets. However, as mentioned above, neither basic nor clinical knowledge about some of the old antibiotics is available at a level to be expected for any new antibiotic to be registered. Regulatory and research initiatives are therefore necessary to compensate for that. The initiative of EPASG is one of that.

  • Sajjad Ali says:

    Excellent job, we are in a desperate need of such
    Antibiotics are most commonly prescribed medicine but also misuses of such a ranked on top as well

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